From the Athletic Director

Welcome to Our Lady of Sorrows Athletics!

Fall Game Schedule.  See the game schedule attached below.  Please check it regularly, as changes occur occasionally.

Coaching Opportunities

Coaching is a tremendous opportunity to guide and mentor our youth, while teaching the fundamentals of each sport.  Thank you to our coaches for this season:

Varsity Volleyball #1 - Mr. Jim Fisher

Varsity Volleyball #2 - Ms. Katherine Garry

J.V. Volleyball - Mrs. Lana Mio

Varsity Football - Mr. Mark Diederich

J.V. Football - Mr. Eric Wright

Freshmen Football - Mr. John Cuschieri

Varsity Boys Soccer - Mr. Steve Lemieux

Varsity Girls Soccer - Mr. John Carslon

J.V. Girls Soccer - Mr. Franco Petrucci

J.V. Boys Soccer - Mr. Scott Wisniewski and Mr. John Pierce

There will be coaching opportunities for the upcoming basketball season.  Please call the Athletic Director if you think you have the skills, perspective and desire to fill this important role for our athletes.

Parent Involvement. As parents of program participants, we all have to do our share of volunteering to make our athletic program run efficiently. Of equal importance, everyone's participation results in successful events for the enjoyment of our families and visitors from other parishes. Volunteering includes helping at concessions, collecting admissions, gym and field setup, cleanup, etc.

Participation in O.L.S. C.Y.O. Sports. If your child is playing or trying out for a sport, please take time to read carefully the "OLS Sports Athletic Code of Conduct" page, accessed from the menu on the left side of this page.  There is essential information in this document for all participants in the C.Y.O. programs.

Volunteering. A volunteer working with children and/or youth must comply with the guidelines set forth by the archdiocese.  This includes: 1. submission to a background check, and 2. certification in "Protecting God's Children"(for college students and adults) or "Called To Serve" (for high school students). Before a high school students gets credit for service hours, these guidelines must be met.

Coaching. Good coaching is the essential element to the goal of C.Y.O. athletics: the healthy development of our youth-emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually. Children that enjoy athletic competition and savor participation with a team of their peers, look up to good coaches as role models. Thank you to all that take on this vital role on our community.

And thank you to the spouses of these coaches.  Anytime a coach takes on such a magnanimous commitment to our youth, as coaching is, their spouse has to pick up the slack at home.  We appreciate very much the sacrifice that you make for us.

The attached "Being Present," below, captures the essence of the significance of coaching.  Although the article's subject is a priest, the idea that the critical element to a child's attention is commitment and sincere interest applies to coaching as well.

We are always searching for coaches for upcoming seasons. If you think you would be a good coach, please call me so that we can meet and discuss this rewarding and valuable role.  I would look forward to that very much.

Thank you.

Go Saints!!

Kevin Hammer, Athletic Director


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