1st Grade


The “We Believe” series is rooted in Scripture and faithful to the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church. Prayer, music and scripture play an integral role in the instruction of the children, vocation awareness and preparation for liturgical events. Reflections and activities in each unit involve the children and their families in catechesis, prayer and living their faith.




The reading program is phonics-enhanced and literature-based. Students learn not only to read, but also to listen and react to the selections through speaking and writing. The concepts of sequence, main idea, cause and effect relationships, outcome, and realism versus fantasy are taught. The program addresses various learning styles and needs through leveled books to ensure reading success and fluency for every child.




Noun and verb endings, compound words and contractions are taught as part of the reading program. Sentence construction, short stories and persuasive writing are also included, along with alphabetical order.



Students are taught manuscript writing in grade one.




Spelling words are introduced in conjunction with the reading program.



The focus is on families, their activities, similarities and differences. Students also learn about communities and the United States as a country. Activity-based lessons, integrating hands-on map study and print materials, further develop multicultural awareness, responsible citizenship, and critical thinking skills.



The science program is divided into four sections: Life Science, Physical Science, Earth Science, and the Human Body. Students are involved with many hands-on activities and are encouraged to see how science applies to their everyday lives.



Instruction focuses on basic addition and subtraction facts from 0 to 20, place value and numbers to 99. Time and money value are taught. Two-digit addition and subtraction are introduced as well as linear and metric measurement, simple geometric shapes, problem solving and critical thinking skills.