1st Grade


The emphasis of the first grade curriculum is for students to grow to know, love, and trust God.  Our students learn prayers through daily morning prayer, prayer before lunch, prayer at the end of the day, and school Mass.

K-8 Religion Online Component
The Catholic Children's Bible



In grade one, students are encouraged to compare and contrast texts, formulate questions before, during and after reading, and identify the main ideas in a text. They do all this with the goal of fostering a love of reading.  Our children read “good fit”

K-5 Reading Online Component



Students focus on journal and creative writing to help them communicate their thoughts and ideas through writing. They also learn about nouns, verbs, and adjectives to prepare them to begin formal grammar in second grade. Students explore writing by creating written stories, poetry, biographies, and book reports.

1-8 Writing Online Component



All About My World - In first grade, students move on to explore  the neighborhood.  They learn map skills through activities like drawing and reading maps of their bedrooms, houses, classroom, and neighborhoods.  They also talk about people and buildings  in the neighborhood and how they help the community.

K-8 Social Studies Online Component



In first grade, students discover the differences between living and non-living things and look at the difference between plants and animals.  They also investigate light and sound, seasons, land and water, the five senses, and healthy living. They discover all there is to discover about the world around them through hands-on science activities and experiments.

K-5 Science Online Component


In first grade, the main focus is on addition and subtraction up to 20.  Some time is spent on measurement, geometry, and problem solving.  Students also learn to count money and tell time to the hour and half hour.  The students study the concepts  of sorting, patterns, whole numbers, fractions, addition, subtraction, fact families, vertical and horizontal problems, collecting data, sharing,  counting by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s, problem solving strategies, graphs, charts, number lines, money,  and measurement.

K-2 Mathematics Online Component